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Our decision to leave

Valérie Viel-Dupuis

First Cruise/First passage

The Shakedown Cruise

Tracy Mazzeo



Books to take your family cruising

Kathy Parsons

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Sailing Families revisited

In 2010, we asked 12 families who were out cruising on sailboats to answer 12 questions about their experiences.

In this new series a new group of sailing families answers these same 12 questions and the original families tell us what they are doing several years later.

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The Admirals' Angle Column

Gwen Hamlin and the "Admirals" weigh in on the issues that concern women cruisers.

Most popular:

AA Columns #65 to 68   AA Column #60   AA Columns #27 & 28
The Cruising Dinghy   Bedding   Single women sailing

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When we first contemplated cruising years ago, we were filled with doubts and questions: everything from Can I do it? to How do I do it? to Do I even want to do it?

This website is designed to help you answer these questions for yourself. We do this by sharing our experiences and inviting other women cruisers to share theirs as well.

It's about making friends, making cruising our own, and getting out on the water and enjoying our lives!

We welcome YOUR contributions to Women and Cruising. (Email: kathy@forcruisers.com)

About us


Lots of links, and downloads on topics that interest women who contemplate going cruising, including
• communications • learning to sail • kids aboard • weather.

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