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Cruising with Children

Cruising children speak


In this series, cruising children tell us about their experiences growing up aboard.


Child of the Sea, by Doina Cornell

Ex-cruising kid Doina Cornell shares moving and honest stories from her family’s circumnavigation using excerpts from her book Child of the Sea.


Living Aboard—Same-Old-Same-Old
When You’re 12
, by Ann Lee Miller

Eye-rolling 12-year-old liveaboard cherishes her sailing heritage as an adult.



Two Girls, One Ocean, and a Lifelong Friendship, by Melanie Neale

One cruising kid meets another and a friendship that will shape the lives of two women is formed.


A Cruising Kid Knows Beans About the Navy
by Jane Behr

A Djibouti bank, a US Navy frigate, and some dried beans: for one cruising kid, it was a recipe for "what I want to be when I grow up".



Sammy Around the World: How it all Began
by Samantha Wall

Samantha Wall, from the vantage point of her 20's, reflects how her sailing childhood started, and the impact it has had on her life.



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